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Nurture your
mental health

Spell yourself out
Grow from your pain
Heal your wounds
Live a complete congruent life


Who I am


My name is Svetlana, I am a qualified professional in the fields of social and counselling psychology, an active member of the Russian Association of Person-Centered Approach and EMDR Russia, and have been practicing since 2018. 

Keeping a Telergam channel in Russian. Co-author of a project support group for people, struggling in codependent relationships.

Everybody-Friendly. I work in English and Russian languages, currently only online.

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Here is my video lecture on co-dependency in relationships in Russian language.

What could bring you in to see me?

Couple and individual counselling. EMDR therapy for traumas.

Relationships issues: codependent tendencies, communication problems, social anxiety, Jealousy, trust issues, fear of rejection, going through break up, etc.

Personal issues: emotional sensitivity, impulsivity, anxiety, tension, panic attacks, depressive mood, low self-esteem, insecurities, self-criticism, self-doubt, loneliness, guilt, stress, shame, rumination, etc.

In any other case do not hesitate to get in touch to check with me.

Services and fees

Individual counselling
50 min


Couple counselling

60 min


Reduced fees*


*If the general price is not affordable for you, there is an option for a negotiable fee. Contact me and we try to find a solution.


Book an appointment

WhatsApp/Telegram: +79160641516


Telegram channel

Telegram chat direct link on the button below.

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