Nurture your

mental health

Spell yourself out

Grow from your pain

Heal your wounds

Live a complete congruent life

Who am I


My name is Svetlana, I am a qualified professional in fields of social and counselling psychology, I am an active member of the Russian Association of Person-Centered Approach, and also currently am training in focusing*. I've been practising psychology counseling since 2017 and I love it. 

I behold the point of view at psyche as a dynamic process, changing all the time. And I help my clients see themselves holistically and learn to feel the resource root, which is always there, no matter what adversities we have to go through.

Keeping a Telergam channel in Russian language.

Co-author of the project - support group for people, struggling in codependent relationships.

LGBTQ2+ friendly.


* You can see diplomas displayed in the next slides.

What could bring you in to see me?

Relationships issues

Codependent tendencies

Emotional sensitivity, impulsivity


Feeling low, depressed

Going through a tough period in life (crisis, break up etc)

Low self-esteem, insecurities, self-criticism, self-doubt

Feeling of not fitting in




Lack of mental clarity

Can't stop thinking of bothering events

Feeling disconnected or withdrawn

Family issues

Mood swings

Overcoming traumatic events

Undergoing a big change

Harmful thoughts

Fear of rejection

Emotional overwhelm

Feeling isolated or alone

Needing substances to feel better

Feeling like you've lost control

Feeling tensed most of the time

Worrying too much

Having panic attacks


Communication problems, social anxiety

Jealousy, trust issues



What I can not help with?


There are some cases that I can't take in work due to not having a matching qualification. 

- I don't work with children;


- Mental health disorders, requiring medication;

- Substance addictions.

Services and fees

Individual counselling

50 min

3500 RUB*

Couple counselling

90 min

6000 RUB

Sessions can be conducted both online or offline in Moscow

100% prepayment required


Reduced fees*


*If the general price is not affordable for you, there is an option for a negotiable fee. Contact me and we will find a solution.


How it works

Therapy is a process, it takes time and commitment. 

When we want to make our body stronger - we go to a gym regularly.

When we want to eat healthily - we practice special diet every day.

When we want to learn something - we visit classes and practice a few times a week.

Psychological health is not different from the above. Taking care of it should be regular and persistent. 

Usually, regular therapy means once a week, but it may vary, depending on your request. Sessions can be conducted both in person if you're in Moscow, or online on WhatsApp or Zoom, the chat is also possible. 


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101000, Lyalin per., 8/3, Moscow, Russia

WhatsApp/Telegram: +79160641516

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